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What is WordPress hosting?

If you are faced with the choice of which hosting to choose, general web-hosting or more expensive WordPress optimized service – this article is for you. In it, we tried to describe the main differences between these services, and help you to make a knowledgeable choice of hosting services.

What is the difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting?

At a basic level, shared web-hosting and WordPress optimized hosting, are not different. Both services use the same set of technologies: a web server, a database and storage for your data, and almost equally well perform the tasks assigned to them.

Shared web hosting is characterized by the fact that its server can simultaneously contain a large number of websites built on different platforms, it is configured to support various kinds of applications.

WordPress hosting is optimized for working with WordPress applications. The technical support team is trained in the specifics of supporting your website, so it can always tell you why a particular plugin is not working, and also help solve the problem with the performance of your website.

Why does my website need WordPress hosting?

If you have a dynamic project, with steadily growing traffic, most likely you should pay attention to WordPress hosting, the key features of this service are listed below:

  • Installation and configuration of popular web technologies can be accessed from the admin panel of your site. For example Cloudflare.
  • Creation and synchronization of staging sites
  • All accounts on the server receive the same specialized support and service.
  • Servers are specially configured to protect against known WordPress-specific vulnerabilities.
  • Automatic updates and security patches can be applied to all sites simultaneously
  • Technical support provides a WordPress-oriented service, helping to solve the problems that most owners of WordPress projects are facing
  • Most hosting services provide easy-to-use website builders, template and plugins directories, and also installing free SSL certificates

How much does WordPress hosting cost?

Today, in the market of hosting services, the price of a WordPress hosting service starts from 2.88 USD / month. Almost all hosting providers give an opportunity to save your money on hosting services, for example, by paying one year in advance. This form of payment makes it possible to reduce the price tag by more than 50%

What type of hosting is required for WordPress (minimum server requirements)

Technical requirements usually depend on the type of your project and the logic that it implements. The level of attendance of your project also plays a very important role, which determines how powerful the processor should be and the amount of RAM and the requirement for specialized services to reduce the load on the database. However, if you have a personal blog with relatively little traffic, it will probably be enough for the hosting to meet the minimum requirements stated by the WordPress developers


What is the meaning of shared hosting?

This is a service for hosting websites on a server that use shared resources: processor power, RAM, disk space and a shared IP address

Which hosting package to choose?

Pricing plans differ from each other in server capacity and resource availability. If you are just launching your website, the simplest package might be right for you. And vice versa, if you have an existing project, you need to consult technical support specialists to select the appropriate pricing plan.